We work nights ... we work during the days ... And like all people, sometimes we get very tired ... this also results in creative burnout. Where should a designer look for new ideas and inspiration for creativity at such moments? We have prepared for you a selection with useful resources.

1. Online sources

Dribbble is leading among resources for interface designers and illustrators. You can always learn new UI ideas or find useful UX cases on this service. So many talented people publish their work here, that at first you can get lost. When the ideas in my head are running out – I know that I can find million others on Dribbble!

Behance is more suitable for those who are engaged in printing and branding, but this resource, like Dribbble, is also rich in the latest works of talented designers and will perfectly cope with the search for new ideas and inspiration.

Pinterest it’ss not only a resource for “relaxation”, but also a stream of useful information. It is enough to choose interesting topics and you will always be offered the most top and interesting publications.

Muzli Magazine – another resource with a bunch of useful links and collections for the design of icons, mobile design, web sites and so on. Their blog on Medium is very popular among designers and is a great source of inspiration.

Mobile Design Inspiration – although Tumblr has long been better known as a platform for hipsters and bourgeois audiences and is rarely taken seriously as a service for creative people and a resource for finding creative ideas (for example, from the tumblr-girl phenomenon as a symbol of pseudo-creativity), this blog contains only useful and worthwhile mobile design ideas!

Мynoise. Sometimes the right atmosphere helps designer to find inspiration. Sometimes you just need to relax to the sounds of the sea and the singing of birds. Mynoice service to help. Other words are superfluous. Just listen.

Designspiration is suitable if there are not enough fresh ideas, and you are looking for an original solution for your work. Great source of beautiful things and design in its various manifestations.

TheBestDesigns – simple but ingenious design solutions.

2. Offline sources

A bit of practical advice from our designers.

Сhange of scenery. The best option is to leave the city for nature and divert your thoughts. In the work process, have a break to reboot the brain. Drink a cup of tea, go for a walk, chat with a friend on a neutral topic.

Cultural activity. If you are already tired of scrolling Dribbble feed and looking for new sites with ideas for design, give your eyes a break from the monitor. Go to the museum, to the exhibition, to any cultural event that is in your city. Look at the monuments of architecture. This will help you to distract from digital design and return to the origins – architecture, painting. Sometimes inspiration comes after this type of activity.

Be alone for a while. It’s more likely that inspiration will find you when you are alone than when you are in the company of someone. We don’t always understand how much the visual noise, the noise of the city (traffic jams, subways, advertising signs) affects the quality of our concentration and creative process. Allow yourself to do what you love (even if it’s singing in the shower) away from anyone’s eyes. Or try a 15-minute meditation.

Try Headspace App for meditation

Listen to music. It’s proved that music awakens sincere emotions and thoughts in us, and is a great source of inspiration.

And finally. Don’t give anyone a single chance to call you a “dinosaur.” Don’t be lazy to learn something new that appears in your area. Learn, go deep. Inspiration will come to you!